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Sagira Parveen (S/0415/0014)


Baby Sagira Parveen a 10-year-old girl child lives in Madhubani, Bihar. She had an injury in her right eye in the year 2011. After that accident, Sagira had a history of redness & irritation, and had decreased vision and white opacity in cornea in the right eye. She was thus dependent mainly on her left eye. 

Sagira was advised surgery, but her parents could not afford it.

She was brought to Shroff Eye Centre, where Sagira was diagnosed with two adherent leucomas & traumatic cataract. 

Supported by Koshika Foundation, Sagira underwent surgery at Shroff Eye Centre, on 10th April'15. She was operated upon for removal of leucomas by pupilloplasty, and cataract extraction with intra-ocular lens implantation, under general anesthesia.

Baby Sagira has now developed much better vision in her right eye. She can hope to return to her studies, and play almost like any other normal child of her age.

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