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Jamuna (V/0715/0311)


70 years old Jamuna lives in a village in Distt. Alwar in Rajasthan, with her husband. She had 2 sons & 3 daughters. The younger son died at the age of 12 years, for want of proper treatment for fever. Thereafter, she gradually married off her children.

Jamuna was gradually losing vision in her left eye; her elder son got her operated.

Jamuna's elder son, was in a train accident, after 8 years of his marriage. Despite being poor, Jamuna spent about Rs 1.50 lacs, over the next few years, for her son's treatment. Unfortunately, the son still could not be saved. He left behind 2 children, who now became the responsibility of Jamuna & her husband. Their meagre earnings, combined with old-age pension from the government, somehow, help Jamuna meet their day to day expenses.

Jamuna started losing vision in her right eye. She was diagnosed with cataract. But Jamuna could not afford surgery, given her meagre means & responsibilities.

A free surgery sponsored by Koshika helped Jamuna save vision in her right eye, and has allowed her to continue to look after her family.

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