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Master Chintu (S/1015/0238)


Master Chintu is 14 years old. He lives in 263, Shastri Mohalla, Patparganj, Delhi. Master Chintu is a student.

He was considered a bright student in his Patparganj Govt. School and a good cricket player too.

For the last few years, he had developed decreased vision in his left eye. Initially Chintu neglected it, but then it was getting difficult for him to concentrate in studies, to read books and even play cricket. With these concerns his parents brought him for a check-up. With advancing Cataract, he was losing vision in his left eye. 

Unfortunately, the parents could not afford surgery, given their meagre income of about Rs 6000 per month.

A timely eye surgery, financed by Koshika Foundation, helped restore his sight. 
You can help by donating to Koshika to sponsor such free eye surgeries, and allow Master Chintu and many others like him, to lead an independent life with dignity.
A donation of Rs 1500 partly funds, and a donation of Rs 3000 fully funds a Cataract surgery for patients like Master Chintu.

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