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Sawab (S/0916/0239)


Master Sawab a 7-year-old young boy, resident of Kamalpur village in Bijnor, a remote district in Uttar Pradesh, temporarily staying at Sangam Vihar, New Delhi, complained of diminishing vision in the left eye due to which he was facing difficulties in his studies and daily routine activities. He is a very studious child. Progressive vision loss, started a year ago, forced him to discontinue his studies. He began bunking his school very often. Then his mother brought him to Shroff Eye Centre in Delhi. 

After detail examination his vision was found to be just hand movement close to face in the left eye and diagnosis of intumescent total cataract in the right eye was made. He was advised surgery. But due to poor financial condition and lack of facilities near their home, they were not able to get it operated. With Koshika's support, Sawab underwent Lens Aspiration with posterior chamber intraocular lens implantation in the left eye on 10th September 2016, free of cost. Prior to surgery, he was extensively investigated and was placed on prophylactic medication due to the high chance of developing complications after the surgery. Post-operation, his vision in the left eye improved to 20/40.

Now he is very happy that he can see well and even read with his left eye. He has resumed his academic activities and can hope for a bright future.

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