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Real People Served

Koshika's selfless efforts are aimed primarily at serving the underprivileged & underserved sections of our Society.

We serve Real People in need, irrespective of their religion, colour, caste, creed & political affiliations. These efforts for service become possible thanks to the kindness of our Donors.

Our commitment to serving the needy, co-exists with an uflagging responsibility to our Donors. Towards fulfilling this responsibility, and in the interest of transparency, records of Real People helped, over the last 6 months, are maintained in this Section of our website.

  • Details of all Beneficiaries (Name/Age/Sex/Address/Type of Surgery/Date of Surgery etc) are presented in a Tabular Form, for ready reference.
    Physical records (hard copies) are maintained at the Office of Koshika Foundation.
  • These records contain scanned copies of each & every beneficiary's Application for Assistance from Koshika Foundation. The Application Forms contain all relevant details (Name/Age/Sex/Address/Type of Surgery/Date of Surgery etc with both Pre-operative as well as Post-operative photos) of each beneficiary. Every beneficiary afixes his/her signature/thumb-impression on these Forms. Each of these Forms are also signed by the Doctor & Hospital's Administrative Incharge, as well as by Koshika's Trustees.
    Each Application Form has a "Unique Identifying Number" recorded as the Application Number.
  • Also uploaded are the scanned copies of the Attendees Sheet from each of the Camps held by Koshika Foundation. These Attendees are real people served through Koshika's "doorstep eyecare" programme.

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