Give them the Gift of Vision

Mainudin Ansari (K/0117/2770)

Mainudin Ansari is 43 years old, Married with 2 children. He lives in Edhara Town- Eghara, Anchal- Nokha, Distt.- Rohtas, 802217, Bihar.. Mainudin Ansari is a labourer.

He was losing vision in the eyes.

A timely eye surgery helped restore his sight.

You can help by donating to Koshika to sponsor such free eye surgeries, and allow Mainudin Ansari and many others like him, to lead an independent life with dignity.

Any amount of donation of only Rs 800 or Rs 1000 helps fund an Cataract surgery for patients like him.

Application of Mainudin Ansari

The Building Block of Life.

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