Why Koshika

100% of Your Donation for Beneficiaries

Entire amount Donated by you is used for treatment of the beneficiaries. 
Koshika's administrative & other expenses are funded by Trustees (out of their personal funds) and/or grants from Corporates/others

Income Tax exemption for Donors

Donors (Indian Individuals & Companies) enjoy rebate on their Income Tax dues, under Section 80G, on donations made to Koshika. 

Transparency – Proof of Utilization of your Donation

All Donors receive verifiable Proof of Use of their contribution, citing details of beneficiaries' name, age, address, photos, type & dates of surgeries performed etc.

All these details are also uploaded regularly on Koshika's website. Specific beneficiaries of your kindness are tagged with a unique & confidential Donor Code (conveyed along with Proof of Use). You can view the details, relevant to your Donation, on “My Donors' Page” section on Koshika's website. 

Koshika – a Trustworthy Bridge between Donors & Beneficiaries

We maintain complete transparency & accountability towards all our stakeholders. Koshika's Books of Accounts are audited by third party statutory auditors, and up-to-date Audited Accounts are available on Koshika’s website.

Eminent Partnerships

For offering quality care, we have partnered with reputed Eye and Heart Hospitals to conduct surgeries/treatment/camps. These Hospitals have a proven track record of high quality patient care, positive outcomes and ethical dealings. Partner Hospitals are selected per due-diligence of pertinent details.

Koshika – A Beacon of Hope

Koshika offers support to beneficiaries from:

  1. Camps held by Koshika & Partner Hospitals
  2. Netra Kendras
  3. Camps & Charitable OPDs run by other Charitable Institutions
  4. Walk-in beneficiaries requesting assistance

Incoming patients are assessed for eligibility to receive financial assistance, based on various criterion.

Koshika, in conjunction with partner Hospitals, follows a set process of screening and monitoring the help rendered to the beneficiaries.

Professional Governance

Koshika is managed by professionals with complete integrity & transparency and without any religious or political affiliations.