Help the Underserved & the Needy

Why Koshika

100% of Your Donation for Beneficiaries

Entire amount Donated by you to Koshika is used fully for benefit of the ultimate beneficiaries. Not a Rupee out of your money is spent on anything other than the cause for which you donated

Koshika's Admin/other Expenses

Koshika's administrative & other expenses are funded by Trustees (out of their personal funds) and/or grants from Corporates/others

Income Tax exemption for Donors

Donors (both Individuals & Companies) enjoy rebate on their Income Tax dues, under Section 80G, on donations made to Koshika. You "give" to a worthy cause & "get" a monetary benefit in addition to the peace & happiness derived from a noble deed.

Proof of Utilization of your Donation

All Donors receive, within 60 days after credit of their Donation in Koshika's bank account, authentic evidence of utilization of their money, citing details of beneficiaries' names, age, addresses, photos, type & dates of surgeries performed etc.

Connect Directly with Beneficiaries

All details of Beneficiaries (names, age, addresses, photos, type & dates of surgeries performed or to be performed etc), for each month, are uploaded regularly on Koshika's website. Details of upto 6 previous months are available on the website itself, while older details are archived in hard copy format at Koshika's office. Specific beneficiaries of your kindness are tagged with your unique Donor Code (assigned by us to you as a Donor). You can view the details, relevant to your Donation, either in the "Details of Beneficiaries" on the website or by creating your own Donors' Page (by registering on the website). You can thus "virtually" connect with the recipients of your kindness through photos & details (Name, contact, photo, surgery performed etc) on the website.

Your Ongoing Commitment is Honoured

We value your concern for the Society, as reflected in your Donations. And we like to honour your ongoing selfless commitment to the cause. Donors giving Rs 1.50+ lacs, in 1 year, are designated our "Eye SUPPORT Members" and are presented with a "Special Testimonial of Magnanimity". Those donating Rs 2.00+ lacs, in 1 year, are designated "Eye ANGELS" and are presented with a "Plaque of Philanthropy".

Eminent Partnerships

For offering quality care, we have partnered with Venu Eye Institute & Research Centre, Delhi & Shroff Eye Centre, Delhi to conduct surgeries/treatment/camps

Professional Governance

Koshika is managed by professionals with complete integrity & transparency and without any religious or political affiliations

Transparent Audit

Koshika's Books of Accounts are audited by third party statutory auditors. 

The Building Block of Life.

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