Need For Netra Kendra

Netra Kendra is:

  • Permanent establishment in the villages
  • Staffed by qualified/ trained optometrists & vision technicians
  • Set up with diagnostic equipment

Why Vision Centres

* 1 in every 100 Indians is turning blind

* 80% of blindness can be avoided if given timely treatment

But people in villages do not have access to basic eye care; often the nearest eye doctors or eye hospitals are 50 to 100 km away

Result is undertected & untreated eye diseases & growing blindness amongst villagers



  • 60 to 70% blindness is due to cataract & 20% due to refractive errors
  • 70% of low vision is due to uncorrected refrective errors
  • 25% of the people have some eye problem at any point

Vision Centre (Netra Kendra) - a solution

Vision Centre -

> a permanent primary eye care facility in a village

> eye care services provided, on the spot, to villagers, by trained optometrists/vision technicians

> Connected through tele-ophthalmology to base hospital in Delhi, making secondary & tertiary level eye care accessible to patients                                                                       (Click to see Tele-ophtahlmology in Action)

> Referral to satellite hospitals, if required

Caters to about 40,000 underserved needy villages... around the Vision Centre with comprehensive eye care service



Provides good quality free eye care to disadvantaged rural community

Beneficiaries pay only token registration fee of Rs 20 to 30. Check-up/screening & surgeries, if needed, done free of cost

Patients can buy spectacles, if needed, at reasonable prices


people served in Netra Kendras


Charitable "doorstep eye care services" for the underserved & needy