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Concept of Endowments

Create a legacy of your generous giving through Koshika's public platform, named ENDOWMENTS, to:

  • a)   Honour the inspiring work & achievements of a respected person
  • b)   Commemorate the noble lifetime of a departed soul
  • c)   Celebrate a Family’s commitment to ideals of “giving” & “service”
  • d)   Institutionalize your Company’s philanthropic commitment


On this platform, any individual or Company or an Association of Persons can create a Chapter (Page), in the name of the person/Company whom they wish to honour/commemorate. This Chapter is in the form of a Page on Koshika’s website

The Chapter (Page) carries biographical details of the person, or the vision/mission/ of the Company. It describes the beliefs, deeds, accomplishments, awards (if any) and life-story of the person. In case of Companies, it carries their vision, mission, values, reasons for commitment to social causes & positive action towards welfare of the society. The person’s photo or Company’s logo are also carried on this Page.

The underlying idea in creating this platform is to perpetuate the person’s/company’s memory, beliefs & actions aimed at supporting “selfless service” to the society. It is to lend a permanence to their legacy.

The best way to perpetuate their memory & beliefs is to create a platform wherefrom needy & underserved sections of our society can benefit, on an ongoing basis. This is possible by creating an Endowment by a donation to Koshika, of minimum Rs 7.50 lacs in 1 Financial Year (in 1 or more instalments, as desired) by an individual or a company or associated-companies or group-of-companies. The individual or company donor will also qualify for income tax exemption u/s 80G, on this contribution.

The endowment donation will be used for charitable objectives, by utilising regular returns from investment of the principal amount, or from utilisation of the principal amount itself, as agreed between the donor & Koshika’s trustees.

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