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How to Claim Your Tax Exemption

Koshika Foundation has been granted approval, under Section 80G (5) (vi) of the Income Tax Act, 1961, by the Director of Income Tax (Exemption), vide their Order no. NQ.DIT (E) I 2014-15/ DEL-KE25237-16052014 4099 dt 16/05/2014.
The above exemption Order is valid from AY (Assessment Year) 2015-16 onwards till it is rescinded. This means that the 80G Income Tax exemption is available for all Donors (both Individuals & Corporates) who donate to Koshika any time after 1st April, 2014, and that such exemption shall remain valid forever until it is specifically withdrawn.
A scanned copy of the aforesaid Order is available on the website of Koshika Foundation, and can be downloaded from here.
Your donation to Koshika will be acknowledged by a Receipt issued by Koshika Foundation. This Receipt carries the above-mentioned details about 80G exemption order received by Koshika, as per rules of the Income Tax Department. This Receipt is adequate for Donors to claim their Income Tax exemption, at the time of filing their Income Tax Returns (ITRs). However, if the 80G Order of Koshika is required by the Donor, the same can be downloaded from Koshika's website.

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