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Koshika respects your right to privacy.

We abide by the following rules in our endeavour to protect your privacy:

  • No Sale of Your Personal Information Information provided by you while donating or registering on our website, is for our records only. We use this information to know you, send you Receipts for your donations (which you need to claim the Income Tax benefit u/s 80G), and send you proof of utilization of the money donated by you. None of this information is sold or put to any other commercial use by us.
  • Your Details/Photo displayed in "Details of Donors" & in "Hall of Honour" We display your details such as name, amount donated & photo on our websites pages only if you agree & allow us to do so. This display is intended to list your donations & honour you for your kindness. However, in case, you do not wish to have your name & photo displayed on the website pages, for public view, we use only a "Donor Code" assigned by us in lieu of your name, to list the amount donated.
  • Display of Beneficiaries' Details & Photos At the time of rendering financial assistance to beneficiaries, Koshika requests their permission to use their names & other details as well as photos on our website & in our publicity material. This is done mainly with the intent of ensuring transparency for our Donors, about utilization of the money donated by them, as well as to solicit future donations.
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