Give them the Gift of Vision

Ajit (S/0615/0089)


At the age of 8 years, Ajit was diagnosed with congenital cataract, and was operated upon in both eyes. Unfortunately, this surgery was not successful, and in the following year, he lost vision in his left eye. Ever since, he was dependent on the right eye only.

Experiencing difficulty again in reading & writing, 2 years ago, Ajit was diagnosed at Shroff Eye Centre with glaucoma. He needed a trabeculectomy (glaucoma surgery). But Ajit's father Pappu was working in the housekeeping department of a private company, and had himself undergone a spinal surgery 8 years ago. The mother is a homemaker. The poor family could not afford the costly glaucoma surgery. Without this surgery, Ajit would have surely turned blind without any cure.

Koshika sponsored the free glaucoma surgery for Ajit. Thanks to this timely surgery, Ajit has been able to save vision in his right eye. Ajit has now resumed his studies, and can hope to lead a better life.

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