Give them the Gift of Vision

Hazari (V/0615/0270)


Hazari, a mason by profession, lived a simple life in Najafgarh, Delhi, with his wife & 4 children. Intervening in a fight between some people, he was hit in the right eye with a stick. Hazari's right eye was seriously injured. He went to various hospitals for treatment, but nothing helped. Ultimately, Hazari had to get the right eye removed.

With a setback in his vision, Hazari also lost work as a mason. Soon his children also abandoned him. Fortunately for him, Hazari & his wife were given shelter by their local MLA in his farmhouse. The MLA also helped Hazari get old-age pension from the government. This allowed Hazari & his wife to survive.

After some time, Hazari began losing vision in his left eye also. Hazari was finding it a challenge to even perform his simple & basic daily routine. Unless given timely treatment, Hazari appeared doomed to a life of blindness & dependence. 

A timely free cataract surgery, sponsored by Koshika Foundation, helped Hazari reagin his vision in the left eye. God had answered his prayers for at least an independent life of dignity.

Application of Hazari

The Building Block of Life.

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