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Sri Ranjan (S/0915/0217)


Sri Ranjan is 23 years old and is married. He lives in A-282, Mandawali, Fazalpur, Indira Gali, Delhi. Sri Ranjan is a labourer/helper.

Suddenly, Sri Ranjan complained of progressive loss of vision over 10 days. On examination by Doctors at Shroff Eye Centre, his retina was found to be detached. The only possibility of saving his eye was an immediate, though major & expensive surgery.

Hailing from an economically weak background, and employed only as a labourer/helper, Sri Ranjan was faced with the grim prospect of leading a long life ahead of him, with complete vision loss in one eye. 

At this juncture, Koshika stepped in & agreed to support the cost of Sri Ranjan's surgery. A timely free  surgery helped restore his sight. 
You can help by donating to Koshika to sponsor such free eye surgeries, and allow Sri Ranjan and many others like him, to lead an independent life with dignity.
A donation of Rs 15000.00 funds Retina surgery for patients like Sri Ranjan.

Application of Sri Ranjan

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