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Rita Devi (V/0815/0440)


Rita Devi is 45 years old and is married with 5 children. She lives in House No. 312, Roshan Garden, Najafgarh, New Delhi. Rita Devi is a homemaker.

Her 4 sons are married, and live separately, offering no help to their parents. Rita Devi's husband works as a labourer with meagre earning. Her daughter studies in class 10 in the Govt. school. To make both ends meet, and to supplement the family income of about Rs 5000 per month, the daughter also works, part-time, in others' houses.

With advancing Cataract, she was losing vision in her eyes for the last 4 years. Rita has also been suffering from failing health.
A timely eye surgery, paid for by Koshika, helped restore her sight. 
You can help by donating to Koshika to sponsor such free eye surgeries, and allow Rita Devi and many others like her, to lead an independent life with dignity.
A donation of Rs 1500 partly funds, and a donation of Rs 3000 fully funds a Cataract surgery for patients like Rita Devi.

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